The Walk


24 min.  Documentary Film

The Walk is a deep journey to that sacred inner space, which dwells between stillness and expression, between false ego and peaceful completeness, which comes out of the ability to accept the world as it is. Dorit Bat Shalom, an Israeli painter, living in the Holy town Tzfat, in northern Israel, walks us through her most intimate preparations to paint, and explains how the practice of Kabala helps her purify her soul before she even puts the first color on the canvas.

"My art is not about words, it's not about knowledge, it's not about Judaism, Christianity, it's beyond anything, it's a gift, and it's a part of everybody's gift; it's the most beautiful, sensual, loving, it's like that moment in love-making when you become totally out of control, out of your thinking, or being in your body. I don't know how to talk about it, I know how to be it, and I don't want to talk about it…Kabala its not a talk - it is a walk".

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