University of life 


 A four chapters documentary series (50 min. each)

The four chapters of this series follow Yeroslav Mazariani (Yarik), 28, a released prisoner that joins a rehabilitating hostel in Beer Sheba for a one-year therapy program. The hostel is run by Shabbtai Artov and is a part of a profound rehabilitation program initiated by the authority for the rehabilitation of prisoners in Israel.   Yarik is also a new immigrant that arrived from Ukraine six years ago, already a delinquent and heavy drug user. He spent three years in jail and now he tries to rehabilitate his life. In order to create a real upheaval in the life of prisoners and to change their way of thinking a deep rehabilitation program is needed, and this is a laborious job. The film shows the optimistic shade of rehabilitation and follows a little group of released prisoners, care takers and social workers that against all odds take a tremendous challenge and succeed.   The goal of the series is to open a door to the world of released prisoners. The image of convicts in the public is that of violent and dangerous people. Undoubtedly there are violent people amongst prisoners, but most of them are weak people that cannot succeed in building proper life and were pushed by circumstances to crime and drugs. Actually, in most of the cases they are hurting people that fear from the society outside prison more than the society fears them. The social stigma about prisoners makes their rehabilitation process harder, and many of them return repeatedly to jail and become a burden on the society and the state.   The series "university of the life" describes the reality and demonstrates in a vivid way how hard is it to wean habitual life of crime and drugs.  It is very important to show the difficulties of the rehabilitation process and therefore the film will be able to constitute a startling effect, and to be used as a tool for the prevention of drug abuse

Patinkin Aran  Director
Israel Film Service  Producer
Mordi Korkous, Sitri Matclaf, Peleg Hagbi Sound
Ayelet Chatuka Editor
Savion Ben-Israel Music



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