Films About Social Issues

    1. "Alex": Drama.  Alex is a mentally handicapped teenager. The film deals with his particular sensitivities and complex relationship with his mother, his resentment dependence and attachment to her.  Filmed in the U.S.  30 Min.

    2. "American Israeli lighthouse":  rehabilitation of blind children and adults. 20 Min.

    3. "A new song": 30 Min.  Describes the unique relationship between a high-school teacher and her students in a development town, Kiriat Shmona, in the northern part of Israel.

    4. "Arara": treating blind kids in an institution in Arara. Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew. 1982.

    5. "Ben Yakir": Describes an institution for children that were thrown out of the regular educational system.  Describes the central role of the local zoo in their rehabilitation. Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew.  1989. 30 Min.

    6. "Bioenergy": about an ancient-new healing therapy.  Made for the Israeli TV in the Arab language. 1987.

    7. "Bitten children": Produced for Israeli TV "Mabat Sheni" (second thought) program. Describes the problem of parents who cause severe trauma to their children. 1987.

    8. "Commander Sari": Sari Baum is a woman who commands new recruited male soldiers. Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew. 1980. 30 Min.

    9. "Environmental Quality": made for Channel 8.

    10. "Hagana":   the story of the Jewish Defense force from 1905 until 1973. 30 Min.

    11. "Holy woods": The film is about different places in the West Bank in which there are Holy woods which bless the villagers with health and fertility. Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew. 1983.

    12. "In the footsteps of fathers": Four stories of sons whose fathers were killed in the different wars of Israel. Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew. 1981. 40. Min.

    13. "Kiryat Shmone": describes  teacher cadets dealing with educational problems caused by the tense security situation in the town. Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew. 1981.

    14. "Kutzin Synagogue": About a Synagogue that was brought to the Israeli Museum from India.

    15. "Like a drop in the sea": commemorating a camel trip from Revivim to Eilat with Shimon Peres 50 years ago. 30 min. Channel 2- Reshet.

    16. "Masua": follows a seminar about the holocaust with pupils of 12th grade in Magdiel.  Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew. 1981. 50 Min.

    17. "No Tube Boob":  Drama. In October 1977 a newspaper in Detroit offered $500 to each of 120 families if they would shut off television for a month.  Filmed in the U.S. 15 Min.

    18. "On The Brink of Life":  Dudu,  a young narcotic, and his attempt to rehabilitate himself. 50 Min.

    19. "Paths of Charity": Describes the Charity activities between Belz Chasidic community members and between other Orthodox Jewish members. Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew. 1989. 30 Min.

    20. "Perach":  The film is about an American girl, Lisa, who studies in Israel and does volunteer work in a Jerusalem neighborhood.  Made for S.  P. N. Cable-TV. 10 Min.

    21. "Ramallah": describes the activity in a school for retarded kids in Ramallah and in the triangle in the Galilee. Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew. 1982.

    22. "Rina Moore": the film follows the change in the life of an ex-Miss Universe. Made for Israeli TV. 10 Min.

    23. "Stroke": the causes and the results of a stroke. How does a patient cope with his new situation and what are the rehabilitation processes. Made for the Israeli television. 1989. 30  Min.

    24. "The corridors of the mind": Made for the Israeli television in Hebrew. 1984. About mental patients. With Professor Guinat. 40 min.

    25. "The Essene": the ancient Jewish cult. Made for S.P.N.  5 Min.

    26. "The human factor": Documentary about the quality groups in Tadiran, an electronics manufacturer. 12 Min.  "The struggle for a clean Israel": the different ways in which Israel tries to stay clean and achieve higher quality of life. 30 Min.

    27. "The priests blessing":  About the Ethiopian Jews in Israel. 35 Min.

    28. "Yoga for the disabled": about a special course for the handicapped in Akim Club in Ramat Gan.  Israeli TV. 1987.




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