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1. Legends Of The Lost Tribes

This thirteen-part documentary series (25 min. each chapter) is a fascinating journey to twelve communities throughout the world, whose lifestyles, customs, traditions and beliefs somehow link them with The Lost Tribes of Israel (English subtitles and narration). Screened on Israel Channel 2, 1996, and abroad. Available for Licensing. 

DVD $117.00 


2. Our little Anatevka 

52 min. documentary. The “Orim” school in Givatayim is a special school for children with Down’s Syndrome and other disabilities. To celebrate the end of the year, the school puts on stage a production, a project that adds an excitement to the whole year. The play chosen for this year is “Fiddler on the Roof”. The film follows Iche, the drama teacher, and his work with the pupils. Iche contributes significantly to their self-confidence, which they so often lack (English subtitles). Screened on Israel Channel 2 1995 . Available for Licensing.

DVD $38.00 

3. Kosher Gafilte-Film

It is a known fact that in most Jewish Orthodox houses there is no TV or DVD or video sets. It is a less known fact that in most Jewish Orthodox houses there are PC's. PC's help Jewish Orthodox scholars investigate Jewish resources and spread their writings. But PC is like a Trojan horse that destroys the walls of isolation from the secular world Jewish Orthodox built around their community. With PC there is an open door to Internet and with Internet there is an open door to the world. (English subtitles)  

DVD $43.00 


4. A Journey Through Israel

60 min. docudrama. The Film “A Journey Through Israel” follows the search of a young Israeli, named Avi, for a more meaningful life. Avi cruises through Israel’s landscape in an old worn-out WW Beetle. On his way he meets a variety of Israeli characters, who share with Avi their way of life, beliefs and desires. The film combines several film genres. Avi’s encounters with the various characters of the film are shot mainly in a documentary style. In-between the scenes, the film shows Avi, the film director and the crew arguing, joking and dreaming about the journey, about the film and about life (English subtitles). Screened on Israel Channel 2 1988. Available for Licensing.

DVD $43.00


5. “A Ring in My Thing”

60 min. documentary. Avi, a 23 years old Israeli, has been living on the beach of Eilat since he was 12. His main interest in life is pursuing female tourists of all ages (English subtitles). Screened on Israel Channel 2 opening night, in November 1994. Available for Licensing.  

DVD $53.00 


6. Abem 

52 min. documentary. Avraham Gurevich, a Tel Aviv eccentric (tippus), somewhat autistic, nicknamed Abbem, was born in Tel Aviv 55 years ago. During the '50s he became the live mascot of the “Nahal Troupe”. He accompanied the troupe on its tours, during which he befriended actors and bohemians. In 1967, on the way back from a show in the North, a fateful event occurred. While riding in a taxi, Abbem fell in love with a woman-stranger sharing the taxi ride with him. Before leaving the taxi, the woman suggested Abbem to accompany her, but Abbem, not being clear about her intentions, continued his ride. Twenty-six years have passed since then. To this day, Abbem intently searches for that woman wherever he happens to be (English subtitles). Available for Licensing.

DVD $43.00


 7. The Walk

The Walk is a deep journey to that sacred inner space, which dwells between stillness and expression, between false ego and peaceful completeness, which comes out of the ability to accept the world as it is. Dorit Bat Shalom, (http://www.peacetent.com ) an Israeli painter, living in the Holy town Tzfat, in northern Israel, walks us through her most intimate preparations to paint, and explains how the practice of Kabala helps her purify her soul before she even puts the first color on the canvas. New film - wasn't screened yet. Available for Licensing.

DVD $34.00


8. Kindergarten in Hell

IItzik Weinberg was born in 1938 in Krakow, Poland. When he was 9 month old the Germans conquered Poland, and his family was transferred to the Ghetto. In June 1942 all his family was murdered in the Gas Chambers in the Belzets Camp. 4 years old Itzik and his 3 years old brother Avner were now orphans and they were smuggled from the Ghetto by their aunt Malcah. From here begins their unbelievable story in the Holocaust.

DVD $43.00






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