A Ring In My Thing 

61 min Documentary - Hebrew & English

was screened in an opening night of Israeli Channel 2 TV

was shown in many film festivals including Montreal 

Avi Ben Eliahu, a 23-year-old Israeli, has been living on the beach at Eilat since he was twelve. He has been independent from a young age, supporting himself with odd jobs like fishing, renting boats, waiting tables and working as a barman. His main interest in life is pursuing female tourists of all ages. He prefers the very young or the over-forties. He enjoys giving the young ladies a crash course on love. He is drawn to their innocence and enjoys being part of their first experience of sex. The older women share the benefit of their experience with him, but most of all he likes their money.

The film depicts a year in Avi's life and focuses on three of the many affairs he was involved in during that time. Nana, an 18-year-old Danish girl, is caught in his net on the beach. Avi seduces her with great skill. For her, it is true love, for him, she is just another lay. The affair hits a sandbar when Nana learns that Avi also has a jealous Israeli girl-friend. He meets Chantal, a rich, 50-year-old tourist from France, at a hotel. After a short affair, she invites him to stay with her in France. Although she is a generous hostess and showers him with gifts, life under her scrutiny becomes intolerable and he returns to Eilat. There he meets Charlotte, a 23-year-old French woman. After persistent courting, she succumbs. Gradually, what was just another in his series of bedded women, becomes a love story that carries him away

Produced Miracle Productions
Director Aran Patinkin
Research Shevi Sokol
Camera Ronen Zohar, Guy Ben David, Eli Barseset
Editor Anat Yoles
Recording Lisa Klinstein, Dudi Petman


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