1. Kfar Tikva (The Village of Hope)

45 min. documentary. Kfar Tikva is situated in the Galilee, the north of Israel, at the Carmel mountains and is a kibbutz like community for people with special needs. The film follows the members preparing a Chanukah Party and ends at the specially exciting party.  The film was screened European TV and four times on Israel Channel 1 1984.  (English subtitles).


2. “A Ring in My Thing”

60 min. documentary. Avi, a 23 years old Israeli, has been living on the beach of Eilat since he was 12. His main interest in life is pursuing female tourists of all ages (English subtitles). Screened on Israel Channel 2 opening night, in November 1994. Available for Licensing.

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3. Legends Of The Lost Tribes

This thirteen-part documentary series (25 min. each chapter) is a fascinating journey to twelve communities throughout the world, whose lifestyles, customs, traditions and beliefs somehow link them with The Lost Tribes of Israel (English subtitles and narration). Screened on Israel Channel 2, 1996, and abroad. Available for Licensing.

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   4. Our little Anatevka 

52 min. documentary. The “Orim” school in Givatayim is a special school for children with Down’s Syndrome and other disabilities. To celebrate the end of the year, the school puts on stage a production, a project that adds an excitement to the whole year. The play chosen for this year is “Fiddler on the Roof”. The film follows Iche, the drama teacher, and his work with the pupils. Iche contributes significantly to their self-confidence, which they so often lack (English subtitles). Screened on Israel Channel 2 1995 . Available for Licensing.

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  5. A Journey Through Israel

60 min. docudrama. The Film “A Journey Through Israel” follows the search of a young Israeli, named Avi, for a more meaningful life. Avi cruises through Israel’s landscape in an old worn-out WW Beetle. On his way he meets a variety of Israeli characters, who share with Avi their way of life, beliefs and desires. The film combines several film genres. Avi’s encounters with the various characters of the film are shot mainly in a documentary style. In-between the scenes, the film shows Avi, the film director and the crew arguing, joking and dreaming about the journey, about the film and about life (English subtitles). Screened on Israel Channel 2 1988. Available for Licensing.

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  6. Abem 

52 min. documentary. Avraham Gurevich, a Tel Aviv eccentric (tippus), somewhat autistic, nicknamed Abbem, was born in Tel Aviv 55 years ago. During the '50s he became the live mascot of the “Nahal Troupe”. He accompanied the troupe on its tours, during which he befriended actors and bohemians. In 1967, on the way back from a show in the North, a fateful event occurred. While riding in a taxi, Abbem fell in love with a woman-stranger sharing the taxi ride with him. Before leaving the taxi, the woman suggested Abbem to accompany her, but Abbem, not being clear about her intentions, continued his ride. Twenty-six years have passed since then. To this day, Abbem intently searches for that woman wherever he happens to be (English subtitles). Available for Licensing.  See:,7340,L-3103020,00.html

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 7. Aysha

50 min. drama. Aysha, 17-19 years old, a Bedouin girl living in a tent in the Negev. She is just out of high school, and about to be married, according to tradition, to her cousin, Mahmoud. Jamila (Mahmoud’s sister and Aisha’s cousin), mother to a deformed child, advises her to take a genetic test in order to ensure that she and her future husband are not carriers of the gene that causes this genetic illness. She tries to save her friend and cousin, Aysha, from a similar fate. Aysha and Mahmoud go secretly to check themselves in a genetic Institute. They discover that they are carriers of the gene. This causes an acute crisis in the enlarged family, and the wedding is cancelled (English subtitles). Screened three times on Israel Channel 1 in 2000. Available for Licensing.


8. Enlightenment 

52 min. docudrama. "Enlightenment" tells the story of a young Israeli, Lior Saar, who traveled to India, determined to find Enlightenment. We follow his tortuous path in search of meaning until he disappears into the mist of a mountain above Rishikash. The film is based on a true story, yet extends far beyond the personal experiences of one eager youngster (working on an English version). Available for Licensing.


9. Liquidators

52 min. documentary. The film tells the story of a young female Rock singer – Tal Kannon. We follow Tal through a dramatic year, in which she slowly converts to a Hassidic Orthodox Jew and puts an end to her band and to her singing carrier. Available for Licensing.


10. Amitim

48 min. documentary. The film documents a project of the Jewish Agency in Ukraine called 'colleagues'. In the framework of this project young boys and young girls departed from Israel and from North America to a one-year mission in the Jewish communities throughout Ukraine. The Israelis that were in the group were after their military service and most of them were occupied in the army in social fields. Most of the North Americans in the group were graduates of college and were occupied in communal work fields amongst their communities. Education  channel 1999. Available for Licensing.


11. University of Life 

The four chapters of the documentary series (50 min. each) follow Yaroslav Mazriani (Yarik), a released prisoner, 28 years old, who joins a hostel in Beer Sheba, for a year of rehabilitation program. Yarik is a new immigrant, who came from Ukraine six years ago, a criminal and a drug user. He spent three years in prison, and now tries to rebuild his life. In order to transform his ways of life and of thinking, there is a need to carry out an all encompassing program that covers all aspects of life. Available for Licensing.


12. Doll's Tears

52 min. documentary. The film is following a group of young girls, who are participating in the competition “The face of the '90s” in order to enter the glamorous world of modeling. At the beginning of the film we are acquainted with the candidates, who arrive to an interview in the modeling agency “Image”. The director, Betty Rockwell, the high priestess of the Israeli modeling world, guides them in their first steps in the world of glamour. Available for Licensing.


13. Diamond Wiz 

52 min. documentary. Shlomo Moussaieff, an Israeli born billionaire, is 79 years old and lives in London since the early sixties. He made most of his fortune by selling precious jewelry to world royalty and to high society. The film follows Shlomo Moussaieff as he reflects on his childhood and life. Shlomo’s greatest affection is to the Bible and to its hidden wisdom. His passion for the Bible led him to purchase, throughout the last 50 years, the richest collection of Biblical archaeology. Screened on Israel Channel 1 2001.


14. The Law of Good Intentions

60 min. documentary. The film tells the life story of a Jewish Kurdish family that immigrated to Israel in 1951. Together with other new immigrants, they established a new settlement (Moshav) in the hills near Jerusalem. They named it “Ness Harrim” (miracle in the hills). The film ironically describes all the ‘good intentions’ of the settling institutions to transform merchants from Kurdistan into farmers imbued of socialist consciousness. The story of the Kurd family is an allegory to the Israeli governing system and to its many absurdities. Screened on Israel Channel 1 in 1992.


15. Voia Nova (A New Path)

52 min. documentary. The film tells the amazing story of Shira Gurshman, who immigrated as a pioneer woman to Israel in 1923. When she arrived, she joined “The Work Battalion” that founded several Kibbutzim. In 1929, together with other members of the battalion, she returned disillusioned to the USSR. In 1989, after 60 troublesome years, she returned to modern day Israel. The film follows her meetings with old comrades from “The work Battalion” and with their families, and describes how she meets the reality about which she dreamt so many years ago. Screened on Israel Channel 1 in 1992.


16. Neot Semadar - First Days

26 min. documentary. In 1989, 130 men, women and children left behind the comfortable city life in order to create a new Kibbutz - Neot Semadar - in Israel's Negev desert. Neot Semadar members took upon themselves to explore problems of human suffering, alienation, prejudice and lack of creativity. By living and working communally, each member turns the philosophic question of how one relates to his/her surroundings into daily personal and relevant questions. This film documents the first weeks of this unique community, giving the viewer an insight into its members' visions, hopes and dreams. Screened on Israel Channel 2, 1990.


17. Little Hollywood

55 min. documentary. Sharon and Ilan are getting married. The fresh couple rented the services of “Photo Chick-Chack” to produce a humorous movie clip that will be screened on their wedding party. The film “Little Hollywood” follows the process of making the movie. In the course of the filming it becomes clear that there is an age gap between the couple: Ilan is 8 years younger than Sharon. Sharon was already married, and she carries bitter scars from her previous marriage. The film combines humor and jokes with lots of sorrow and pain from Sharon’s revealed past. Screened on Israel Channel 1 in November 2001.

18. A Summer Night's Dream

A three chapter documentary series about Love (26 min. each). The first chapter, “wedding”, tells the story of Danny and Osnat, a young couple just about to be married. The second chapter, “Between the Sacred and the Secular”, tells the story of a family living in an isolated ranch on the Gilboa. Moti, the husband, turned religious, and Taffi, his wife, tries to cope with the new crisis in the family. The third chapter, “The Golden Age”, describes the love relation between couples in a house for the retired in Tel Aviv. Screened on Israel Channel 1 in 1994.


19. The Walk

The Walk is a deep journey to that sacred inner space, which dwells between stillness and expression, between false ego and peaceful completeness, which comes out of the ability to accept the world as it is. Dorit Bat Shalom, ( ) an Israeli painter, living in the Holy town Tzfat, in northern Israel, walks us through her most intimate preparations to paint, and explains how the practice of Kabala helps her purify her soul before she even puts the first color on the canvas. New film - wasn't screened yet. Available for Licensing.

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10. Kosher Gafilte-Film

It is a known fact that in most Jewish Orthodox houses there is no TV or DVD or video sets. It is a less known fact that in most Jewish Orthodox houses there are PC's. PC's help Jewish Orthodox scholars investigate Jewish resources and spread their writings. But PC is like a Trojan horse that destroys the walls of isolation from the secular world Jewish Orthodox built around their community. With PC there is an open door to Internet and with Internet there is an open door to the world.  Available for Licensing.

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11. Kindergarten in Hell

IItzik Weinberg was born in 1938 in Krakow, Poland. When he was 9 month old the Germans conquered Poland, and his family was transferred to the Ghetto. In June 1942 all his family was murdered in the Gas Chambers in the Belzets Camp. 4 years old Itzik and his 3 years old brother Avner were now orphans and they were smuggled from the Ghetto by their aunt Malca. From here begins their unbelievable story in the Holocaust. Available for Licensing.

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