In the works


1. "Through The Smoked Glass"

90. min. Feature. The script is  about  the life of Jacob Frank (1726-1791) . It is based on the book: "CANDLE AT NOON" by Yoram Bar. It unravels the unbelievable story of Jacob Frank and his followers. These, relatively unknown events, influenced modern Jewish and western thinking.


2. Processing  scripts with MS Access

Even if you don't have programming background you can accomplish serious tasks with Microsoft Access software. MS Access is used usually for little businesses (for making lists of products, prices, addresses, phone numbers, invoices etc.), but it is great with film script processing. 


3. Change

Proposal for a Documentary Series - Seven Chapters, 25 min. each. Each one of us wants to change something in his life. Why on earth would we want to do such a silly thing? Why change? What is wrong with who I am? Why do I need change at all?  Maybe because change is the essence of life, or life is the essence of change?   .


4. Earth Wisdom-Synopsis

13 Episodes Documentary Series. What are the roots of human knowledge? What is Indigenous knowledge? How does it affect our life today?  How will it affect the future? What universal laws unite all human knowledge? These exciting questions and more are the inspiring drive behind “Earth Wisdom”.


5. Kabala – Paradise Marvel - Synopsis 

Have you ever wondered:  What supremely powerful principles govern our world?  How can we deepen our understanding of these principles and of our life? Why do we use only 2% of our potential?   How can a three year old boy compose a symphony?  What is miraculous in our life? These wondrous questions and more are the subject of the seven chapter documentary series "Kabala – Paradise Marvel". Script: Judith Sternberg, Valerie S. Carr and Miri Ariel.


6. One & All - Synopsis

 A Thirteen-Part (50 min. each) Documentary Series. The Human Mosaic: From the Amazon Jungle to hi-tech centers in Japan , we chose twelve diverse communities spread around the world that will reappear throughout the series to help explore universal questions.  This colorful human mosaic will bring to light the hidden web that binds us all to one human mind.  Script: Anat Ganor, Gary Brint and  Miri Ariel


7. Thinktank

We invite you to a think-tank for a new Science Fiction concept. Your responses will fertilize a film script we are writing titled: 'Kabbalah-Blah-Blah'. Most Science Fiction films adore the technological advances of our times, and therefore project into the future more of the same thing. The proposed film, 'Kabbalah-Blah-Blah, will present a new kind of science fiction concept that will confront the audience with the challenge of meeting their true mind potential and to depend less and less on modern technology. In our vision, future humans will realize that our modern progress is a shallow choice that has blocked man from real mental development.


8.The Bridge at Rishikesh

In 1994 Paul Bennett, a young advertising copywriter from Highland Park in Chicago decided to take a trip to India with friends Tom and Rachel. They’d been fascinated by the sub-continent since their High School days. Like thousands of young Americans, skeptical of their role in the brashest capitalist economy on earth, and also wondering whether there was something else to life...they decided to go see it.


9. Crime Time Show

Hadas Shtief, the investigative journalist of IDF radio, is a symbol of street journalism, which is disappearing from our world.  Her microphone is always on the pulse of life.  She confesses that her everyday life is like a horror film.  She breathes the streets 24 hours a day without taking a break, without getting tired, without fear.  She starts her day early without knowing when it is going to end.  She doesn't have a dull moment.  She is running around from an explosion to a shooting incident, reporting crimes, exposing corruption stories.


10. Flag Thaumatrope


11. Merkava



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