The Merkava is a three-dimensional six pointed star.

The white lily symbolizes the 1 dimensional Zionism

The six pointed star symbolizes the 2 dimensional Zionism

he Merkava symbolizes the 3 dimensional Zionism

Five years ago my son imported from India folded paper star shaped lampshades. There were times when the main street of the old city in Jerusalem was lighted by hundreds of those colorful lampshades. It was a beautiful scene. Many people came to us saying that if the lampshades were six pointed it could have look like a three dimension Magen David. So we started improvising with the material of our Indian lampshades but although we succeeded building a six pointed star  the angels weren't right.

Later on we saw in the stores a Merkaba pendant, and a Merkaba crystal and it seemed clearer how to build our lampshade. On this website you can see that we succeeded building it but  still nobody knows how to make a  folded six pointed lampshade.  I hope someday somebody will solve this enigma - maybe you?



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