52 min. Documentary Film

Tal is a sensitive Soul and Rock singer. This film follows the fearsome difficulties of the members of her band "The Exterminators" to break through into the Israeli rock world. The members of the band confront harsh personal and economic difficulties, but they do not give in. They go through endless rehearsals and put their life and soul into the band. Tal herself passes hardships in the course of the year: She goes through a painful separation from her boy friend and moves from the suburb Holon to the center of Tel Aviv. The loneliness and the pain lead her to try to integrate into the restless nightlife. Her way of life pulverizes her and leads her to deep despair. When she sings she expresses her pain as if she is singing from the depths of her womb. One day Tal reads an announcement that invites the public to an introductory lecture with a young and charismatic Rebai. Tal is exposed to Judaism and slowly begins to draw near to religion. The change that occurs in Tal shocks the band and starts an inevitable confrontation between Tal and her friends. Little by little the band dismantles. Tal asks her friends to take into consideration her new world values but they refuse. Eventually Tal becomes extreme orthodox, finds a groom, and marries. The scene that ends the film is a colorful wedding of Tal with Asaf, her chosen husband. 

Aran Patinkin


Miracle Productions


Richard Morse


Daniel Zeldes


Savion Ben Israel


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