Kfar Tikva

45 min Documentary Film

Kfar Tikva is situated in the Galilee, the north of Israel, at the Carmel Mountains. Kfar Tikva is a kibbutz like community for people with special needs. The film follows the members preparing a Chanukah Party and ends at the especially exciting party. 

 Kfar Tikva, for persons with special needs, has evolved from an institution-like setting into a kibbutz-like community and now is working to achieve full-citizenship status for residents and non-residents alike. Common principles of services for people with disabilities such as deinstitutionalization, normalization, inclusion, least restrictive environment, and mainstreaming worked well in the past, but they have become obstacles to complete decision-making authority and self-determination. Kfar-Tikva is committed to (a) help residents make choices regarding their personal and social life, (b) provide "tools" for effective choice and decision-making including social, educational, and vocational tools, and (c) become an economically and legally independent community based on kibbutz principles or those of any freely-chosen community.

Director Aran Patinkin
Producer Israel Film Service
Sound Rami Abadi
Editor Shoshi Vollman

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