A Journey Through Israel 


60 min. Docudrama

The Film “A Journey Through Israel” follows the search of a young Israeli named Avi, for a more meaningful life. Avi cruises through Israel’s landscape in an old worn-out Volkswagen Beetle. On his way he meets a variety of Israeli characters who share with Avi their way of life, beliefs and desires.

In the beginning, the hero of the film casually meets ordinary people in a central bus station and asks them his burning question: “Is there a meaning to life?”. Gradually the search becomes more serious and Avi visits several spiritual figures who enlighten him with their thoughts and experiences.  

The film combines several film genres. Avi’s encounters with the various characters of the film are shot mainly in a documentary style. In-between the scenes, the film shows Avi, the film director and the crew, arguing, joking and dreaming about the journey, the film and life...

Actor Avi Keidar
Camera Yechiel Cohen
Camera asst. Nili Atzlan
Sound Dani Ziv
Lighting Israel Ochana
Music Shalom Winstein
Director Aran Patinkin


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