Image Films

  1. "Arava R&d"

  2. "Arit": Image film for a company that manufactures infrared lenses for night vision. Produced for screening in front of potential investors in the U.S.

  3. "Ben Zvi Institute"

  4. "Dan Sprinklers": Sales promotion film made for a factory in kibbutz Dan in upper Galilee that manufactures sprinklers for agriculture gardening.

  5. "Dates picking": Image film.

  6. "Ganigar Factory".

  7. "Kiriat Noar": Image film about a junior high professional Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Screened at the salute ceremony for the graduates.

  8. "Missner Baran".

  9. "Nitzan": Image film about an association for children with difficulties in learning. Produced in English and Hebrew.

  10. "Shamir": Image film for fund raising for an association that dealt with smuggling Jewish books behind the Iron Curtain.

  11. "Tamar Municipality": Image film.

  12. "The council for pretty Israel": describes the activity of this council for promoting environmental issues.

  13. "Teletrom": Image Film about a playing ground for disabled kids in Haifa. Produced for Israeli TV. .1981.

  14. "Tiferet Tveria": Image film for a Yeshiva in Tiberius headed by Rebai David Deri.

  15. "Yakirey yerushalayim".

  16. "Barmad": Sales promotion film made for a factory in the kibbutzim Saar and Evron that produces taps and pace setters for agriculture and industry. Produced in English and in Spanish.


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