Our Little Anatevka 

50 min. Documentary Film 

The “Orim” school in Givateyim is a special school for children with Down’s Syndrome and other disabilities. To celebrate the end of the year, the school puts on a stage production, a project which adds an excitement to the whole year. The play chosen for this year is “Fiddler On The Roof”. The film follows Iche, the drama teacher, and his work  with the pupils. The development of relationship between Iche and the young performers is a fascinating process. Iche’s sensitive attitude encourages the young actors to open up and discover their own special abilities and personalities. Iche, slowly but  surely  transforms the youngsters into actors who gradually coalesce into a theatrical group. It is very evident in the children that their participation in the production and the particular interaction with Iche, contributes significantly to their self-confidence which they so often lack.  

Director Aran Patinkin
Producer Chava Barak
Sound Penelope Rabiger
Editor Daniel Zeldes
Music Savion Ben Israel

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