“Earth Wisdom”

“Earth Wisdom” explores indigenous knowledge and its effect on modern life. We cannot stop modernization; it is happening whether we like it or not. It is a very dominant and powerful force moving human consciousness forward. Nevertheless, it is very productive to reconnect with our own indigenous roots in order to better understand our present movement, as we shall see in this series.

 More and more researchers, artists, farmers, and architects are taking a serious look at indigenous knowledge. They can hardly avoid doing so, since indigenous knowledge is like a thread running through the human community, touching on all aspects of our life.

 The 13 episodes of the documentary series “Earth Wisdom” will explore the universality of human knowledge by revealing its origins. We chose 13 areas of life in which to explore the contribution of indigenous knowledge: Agriculture, Business, Law, Science, Art, to name a few. The series will tell the story of individuals all around the globe searching to find sensible ways to incorporate this primal wisdom into contemporary development.

Director Aran Patinkin
Script Judith Sternberg , Valerie  S. Carr and  Dvora Patinkin
Research Miri Ariel, Boaz Wachtel and Hillel Helman


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