Diamond Wiz


52 min Documentary Film

Shlomo Moussaieff, an Israeli born billionaire is 79 years old and lives in London since the early sixties. He made most of his fortune by selling precious jewelry to world royalty and high society. The film follows Shlomo Moussaieff as he reflects on his childhood and on the conflict with his dominating father. At the age of 12 Shlomo’s father threw him out of the house. In the years he spent in the ancient caves of Sanhedria he started his collection of Jewish antiquity. He was caught robbing an ancient grave and was put in a school for delinquent youth. There he learned from his Arab comrades the Arabic language and way of life, which will later save his life and contribute to his abilities as a clever merchant.

During World War 2 young Moussaieff was drafted to the British army. After the fighting ceased, he found many Kabala books in the treasuries of deserted synagogues in Italy. These books where to follow him for the rest of his life.

In 1948 Shlomo fought in the old city of Jerusalem. When the city fell into the hands of the Jordanian Legion, he was taken captive and was imprisoned for a year. Young Moussaieff with his tremendous ability to turn any disaster into a fruitful and learning experience, planted at that time the seeds of his future business.

Shlomo’s greatest affection is to the Bible and it’s hidden wisdom. His passion for the Bible led him to purchase throughout the last 50 years the richest collection of Biblical archaeology.


Aran Patinkin
Script Miri Ariel
Sound Mordi Korkous, Peleg Hagbi
Lighting Reut Patinkin
Editing Daniel Zeldes

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