Look at all the poor people who fill in the lottery forms each week hoping to get richer. Will a million Dollars really make them happier? Look at the flourishing diet food business; it's based on the desire of so many people to lose weight and change their lives. What does that mean? There are so many Gurus in our world promising to change you into a better human being. Is it at all possible? Change is the big promise, the great hope in the mental horizons of our culture.

 This entire emotional attitude towards CHANGE raises some basic questions; because at the same time we fear change: fear to lose our good health, fear to loose our memory, our faith. Some prominent philosophers claim that man will rather die than change. Why is that so?  

Change is everything and nothing at the same time. When did man first encounter the concept of change and what purpose does it serve in our psychological life? 

     What is change?

         Is there a common denominator underlying all kinds of CHANGE?

         What conditions are necessary in order for change to occur?

         Can I make change happen?

         Are changes predictable?

         Are changes reversible?



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