50 min. Documentary Film

Avraham Gurevich, a Tel Aviv eccentric (tippus), somewhat autistic, nicknamed Abbem was born in Tel Aviv 55 years ago.  During the '50s he became the live mascot of the "Nahal Troupe".  He accompanied the troupe on its tours, during which time he befriended actors and bohemians such as Chaim Toppol, Uri Zohar and others.  In the course of time Abbem became well-known in Tel Aviv's bohemian circles, making his living selling theater programs.

In 1967, when returning home from a show in the North, a fateful event occured.  While riding in a taxi from Affula to Haddera, Abbem fell in love with a woman-stranger sharing the taxi ride with him.  Before leaving the taxi, the woman suggested Abbem accompany her but Abbem, not clear about her intentions, continued his ride.  Twenty-six years have passed since that taxi ride.   To this day, Abbem intently searches for that woman wherever he happens to be.

Today, Abbem is employed as a messenger at "Aviv Gileadi Prod." and he still searches for the woman-stranger during his daily work.  He visits his actor friends during their appearances and consults them about matters related to the relationship between men and women.   His actor friends are enchanted by Abbem's unusual approach to life, touching  a warm spot in their hearts.  Facing the camera, Abbem's innocence and sincerity stand out in their extraordinariness.

Abbem's love story and his search for the woman-stranger provide the framework for the movie.  The camera looks into his way of life, his relations with fellow workers and people in general.  His unique character, combining a child, a young man in love and an adult, make following Abbem a thrilling psychological journey.


Cameraman Ronen Zohar
Recording Richard Morse, Shmulik Rosa
Editor Daniel Zeldes
Director Aran  Patinkin


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